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Its really good one but...

I dont know why the stones are put in the cell instead of cross line.

Now has pair captures!

New Review: Thanks for incorporating my suggestions! I will now give the program 5 Stars as promised. Just one more comment: Why does the computer always get to go first? Old Review: I used to play Pente in college and the reason the game was fun and challenging, was because the first player to get five in a row or to steal 5 pairs was the winner. Please add two features to this program and I will give it five stars: 1. The option to play a game with "pair stealing". 2. The game pieces should be placed on intersecting lines, not with the squares.

Nice work

This is also well known game in Korea, named as O-Mok. Can you please add. Korean translation too? Cuz this is only O-Mok I can find from the app store...

Why no capture vs iPhone?

This is a great version of gomoku, but not of pente. Why is pente capture only enabled in pVp mode? It should be also available in the vs iPhone mode. Other than that, great game.

Need bigger board!

Great game. Good AI. But the board is small. This means you end up with tie most of the time because there is not enough space to see who is better. Not worth it unless the board is bigger.

Need some work

It sometimes does not recognize winner, and it needs bigger board. Ran out of space few times playing with 12x12 board.

Not challeging enough... yet.

I think my skill level is probably just above average, but so far I have been able to beat the computer every single game in Hard difficult level. Hopefully, future update will have more challeging levels.

Great distraction game

While a small board, a fun game. Provides just enough distraction to kill a few minutes while waiting in some office, etc. Given the size of the screen and such, I think th eboard is of playable size. My only issue is the fact I try to place a piece in a certain square to block and it picks up on a different square and the iPhone wins. I would love to see some more accuracy in placement. Also future versions could do more stats for wins/loss. Like number of moves, undo or not, etc.

Good game to play with friend!

This one is good to play with friend whenever have free time. The rule is simple, and easy to play. Ive won 5 points over my friend. Its funny!


The new version is still too weak. this is outrages all gomoku apps in here are 1/10 of my skill and I demand for gomoku online!!!. How come Go has online but this dont!!!!!!!

Thanks, good game, good support!

Ive sent email to author requiring Pente function. I thought it might be forgotten. Today Im surprised to find they have support Pente exactly as I hoped. Thanks author!

Good, as advertised

AI: 5 ; Playability: 5; Graphics: 4; Sound: no; Chessboard: 3; Its as advertised, a simple and lightweight game, good for playing with friends. Surprised to find it support Pente (maybe the only one in iPhone). Generally Id like to vote it as 5 starts.

Good start, please update

Ive been waiting for a decent Pente game for the iPhone and this may be it with a few updates. Please make the Pente rules (captures) work on one player games as well, and up the difficulty level. There are other Go games on the market so I would focus on this being a Pente game instead. A little work and this could be a great app.

Lucky to have it!

Yeah, its amazing to see a free app in such high quality. Im lucky to download it at free period. Its very interesting! Nice job.

Not bad

This is not go, but gomoku or pente(in vs friend mode). Its the best gomoku in iPhone as I found, although the board size is not big enough -- actually none of the gomoku games has a "enough" size. So not bad to have it.

Easy and funny to play!

This game is just suitable for me, funny and easy. Can it support online? If so I can find more players instead I can just play with iPhone.

Must have



Suitable to play on iPhone anywhere, anytime. Simple looking, easy playing and smart AI. Good works, never regred to download! Hey, can it be online? If so everything will be perfect!


Game does not recognize winner when there are six stones in a row. The games just continue on with the looser turn. Also no response or indication When there is a tie

Great AI

I like this one and think its the best outta the many on the app store. Looks great and most importantly plays great. Best GO game is Go weiqei btw.

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